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1. What is Pi Network?

This is the project to bring Pi digital money i.e. cryptocurrency into operation starting from March 2021, the second phase of which is currently underway. This is the first cryptocurrency that can be mined through the mobile in our hands. This is a project started by 3 PhD holder cryptocurrency professors of Stanford University. More than 7 million people are now connected to it.

2. How much does the investment cost?

Pi Network is absolutely free and its app can be installed and run from Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Everything you earn in this is your own.

3. How to get started?

After installing it your phone no. Or register via Facebook. It will be easier to fill in the KYC in the future if you keep the name of your citizenship while registering. As this project is genuine, KYC will be done like banks.

4. What is Invitation Code?

Since everyone on this network needs to connect to each other, a new person needs an invitation to join, so you can use my Invitation Code: ArjunLamichhane2055 and it is mandatory. If you use this code, you will get 1 pi at the beginning.

5. Does the mobile break down?

You have to put this app on your mobile and start mining again in 24-24 hours, otherwise the earnings will stop. Even if it runs on our mobile, it does not cause any harm like hanging the mobile or draining the battery and does not ask permission to run the data in your mobile.

6. When can it be exchanged or sold?

As this project is only in the second phase now, it is not possible to exchange or buy or sell the same, but from the third phase i.e. from March 14, 2021 (Pi Day) next year, it will be possible to trade and buy in full.

7. How much is reduced?

If you start mining from now on, you can earn 1800Pi at the rate of at least 6Pi per day before March 2021. And if you join others, 1 referral = 0.25 pi is added and according to the experts, 1 Pi = US $ 3 to US $ 10, i.e. at the current rate of Rs.260.00 to Rs. 1200.00 Nepali rupees are estimated. So all friends, install it quickly and make money. download link

I phone vision Search the apple store (PI) and download.


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  1. though I’ve been using pi since many years i had many confusions regarding it, the content you’ve raising helped alot and almost cleared all my confusions. i’ve been checking this website since many days, i found it so helping. hope you create/raise this type of contents that helps people who have got confusion or problems.

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